I feel lucky that they do genuinely care about each other and they love each other’s company



I find cooking and baking meditative and that is usually when I would think. Introspection and beef stew. Both taste good with wine. Contemplation and cookies. Both taste good with tea.

5 minutes of gratefulness

…my job because it allows me to be caring without expecting anything in return and to be accepting of everyone’s strengths and flaws and to see everyone as a chance for me to make a difference.

kindergarten pride

Oh, the simple joys of motherhood! As we were getting ready for bed last night, my little kindergartner was beaming with pride. He said, “We are learning Grade One script in school, Mom.” *29April2010  


smoked dry moose meat fills my senses with memories of home. when my mother would sweep the yard of dry twigs and crinkly leaves and gather them all up in one huge heap under the mango tree . then she would dig a tiny hole in the bottom of the pile with her wrinkled hands-…

What Is Poetry and Why Do We Read Poems?

The definition of poetry can be as complex as a poem itself. There seems to be no definite and concrete description of poetry the same way as a poem does not have an exact and precise interpretation. It is all in the experience, in the way a person looks at images and meanings that a poem…

no U-turns

Kind of like how I navigated my life.
I went for it. I went the wrong lane. I missed my turn.
…I am here.

a little burger heaven

Two weeks after we started moving (as half of our things are still yet to be moved) to Spruce Grove, my sons and I were driving by HWY 16A when I saw this interesting-looking drive-in that looked like nothing but I knew there was something about it. I quickly went on to the right lane…

The World is Still and My Soul is Resting

  The World is Still and My Soul is Resting The world is still and my soul is resting. Your arms became my haven; and your shoulders Are the rocks that keep my raging thoughts at still. The world is still and my soul is resting. The night has not sung its last melodious song…