hoping to make a difference

I see them as human beings with names and uniqueness regardless of the letters attached to them that would otherwise define who they are and what they are (in) capable of: ADD, ADHD, ODD, FASD, ASD, etc.


addressing my inner child

  As I grow older,  I find it difficult to ignore the gnawing thought that when I was a little girl of 5, I was given away to live with my mother's childless uncle and his wife who, at that time, had already a throng of relatives living with them, which was not an unusual way... Continue Reading →


smoked dry moose meat fills my senses with memories of home. when my mother would sweep the yard of dry twigs and crinkly leaves and gather them all up in one huge heap under the mango tree . then she would dig a tiny hole in the bottom of the pile with her wrinkled hands-... Continue Reading →

no U-turns

Kind of like how I navigated my life. I went for it. I went the wrong lane. I missed my turn. ...I am here.

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