In my ideal world, this Scratchpad should have been filled with all the brilliant and fun and funny and crazy ideas that I have thought of while I stared at the ceiling, wide awake at 2 a.m or while I sat at the doctor’s or dentist’s clinic or lined up at the grocery check out trying to keep myself from wilting away out of boredom. But in my real world, once I sit down and think of what I was supposed to write because I had just thought about it 10 minutes ago, I’d really think it wasn’t that witty or fun or funny or brilliant after all. So I’d give up. Scratch that out,  I’d say. I better bake something. Or do laundry. But I will try. I will try to write every bit and pieces of nonsense (this is my disclaimer) that comes to mind.

I think it is better than posting on my Facebook wall and checking every two minutes if I have gotten a “like” yet.