That Yoga Place


One of my few fabulous New Me Resolutions is to take care of myself holistically. So in addition to my existing habits of getting a monthly full body massage, reading books, playing word games, and yearning to learn new things, I also made a silent promise to myself to consciously choose positivity and acceptance, to eat less and opt for healthier food choices, and to be active and be fit.

I also thought of a wonderful plan: I should do yoga more often, and by that it means more than once a month. I came upon That Yoga Place by accident. I was supposed to go to Be Yoga but being new to the city, I was not quite familiar with the streets. I took the wrong turn and I saw the sign  and that one cold wintery January night, I started my love for yoga and the centre.

Here are the top three reasons why I love going to That Yoga Place:

First of all, I like the name. How clever is that? If one asks you, where do you go for yoga? You’d say, I go to that yoga place by King Street. Which yoga place? That Yoga Place.

Secondly, the staff.  Jen, the very pretty and friendly front desk staff was and always is welcoming. By my third visit, she didn’t ask my name and from then on she has never did. She’d smile and say: Hi, Sheila, it’s nice to see you. How cool is that? (But to be honest, I had to call TYP today to know her name to be sure. That’s terrible of me! I always call her in my head: “the friendly one”) and of course, the yoga teachers. I think I’ve been to  classes of three or four different yoga teachers and they are all wonderful. My favourite so far is Kristin and the reason she stands out for me is because she goes around and checks postures, not because she wants us all to do perfect yoga poses because I don’t think there is one, but because she checks on who needs a block for the half pigeon pose or needs a little help to bridge that gap between the fingers to do an arm bind. Today I checked on the link on her name in the TYP website, she was a school teacher. No wonder she teaches well. She’s funny, too and I like the cadence of her voice.

Then the centre itself: clean, chic, comfortable. It brings me to my Zen zone the moment I step in past the spot where clients have to leave their footwear. It smells of calmness without the overbearing scent of heavy incense.

Where would you always find me after work?

That Yoga Place.


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