no U-turns

I don’t like U-Turns. When I’m lost and the GPS tells me to make a U-Turn, I would usually drive on and on and on until it’s safe for me to make a right turn and find a way to go to where I am supposed to go. It takes more time than necessary but I don’t mind it. At the end of the day, if I made it safe to where I’m supposed to go, I’m good with that.

Kind of like how I navigated my life.

I went for it. I went the wrong lane. I missed my turn. I thought the GPS is wrong. I was rerouted many times on many occasions. I was asked to make a U-Turn.

Nope. I went on. I got curious where the roads will take me. I’ve been to many wrong routes and a took a couple of wrong lanes but I kept my focus on where I was supposed to go. I took it slow sometimes. I checked the scenic routes. Most times I wast anxious or nervous. I self-talked. I cried in frustration and frantic panic.Then I calmed down and drove on…and took the safest turn possible. And got there. Eventually.

I am here.


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