Hey, Yo(ng)!

Dear Yong Massage Therapy, Spruce Grove:

I was quite ecstatic that I was able to book an appointment for a full body, one hour massage after work today. I hurriedly went home, took a quick shower as it has always been my habit to shower before any massage, went early to fill up my first visit form, and was just absolutely looking forward to a welcoming space of relaxing ambiance, as most massage centers are.

So I took off my pair of Toms and walked barefoot towards your sitting area, paper and pen in my hand. I looked down on your brown rug and and lo and behold! Hair and dust and dirt and filth! It looks like those elements have had settled there for a long time. And I thought that the dirt was only contained at the reception area. Nope! the room’s rug was dirty as well. I got myself ready, lay down on the massage table, and did all I can to shut down the visual image of dust mites and other tiny living creatures crawling on the floor while I breathe in the air.I felt itchy. I was scratching my hair and my legs while Brandy kneaded knots on my shoulders and traced tired muscles on my legs. Brandy is the massage therapist who, by the way, is really, really good that I had to ask her and was thankful that she also works at another spa center on Fridays only because there’s no way “I Shall Return”. (Thank you, General Douglas MacArthur).  I understand, sometimes, some people get used to the mess in their house: toys on the corner, dirty cups and mugs on the kitchen sink, laundry on the floor just barely touching the good old laundry basket.   But for crying out loud! Your business is meant to be for wellness. People go to massage centers for self-care, to feel revived, to feel nourished, to feel taken cared of. Please respect your clientele. Sweep! Vacuum! Mop!

Here are some articles for you to read, just in case you’d think I’m just one picky (insert name) who gets too critical over dirty rug in a reception area.

  1. http://www.marketingquery.com/business-reception-area/
  2. http://www.dermascope.com/spa-image/good-sanitation-means-back-to-the-basics#.WAliVeArLIU
  3. and of course, there’s Pinterest. Lots of ideas. Check it out.

And keep Brandy. She is really good.

You’re welcome.

p.s. I had to put my Toms back on. My feet were clean. Your floor wasn’t.


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