a little burger heaven

Two weeks after we started moving (as half of our things are still yet to be moved) to Spruce Grove, my sons and I were driving by HWY 16A when I saw this interesting-looking drive-in that looked like nothing but I knew there was something about it. I quickly went on to the right lane before I miss my turn and told my sons: let’s check out this burger place. Well, it’s 50’s inspired. So retro. I like that it’s authentically old as opposed to some new establishments that buy decor to make their theme look old. Jack’s Drive-In is clean and well-kept; the staff is friendly; the service was quick.What else can you ask for from a no nonsense drive-in that transports you back to the time when Elvis hit the jukebox?

As for the burgers, it tastes good. If you like gourmet burgers, then Jack’s isn’t for you. I ordered mozzarella burger and I enjoyed it. Nothing fancy. Just a decent tasting mozza burger that tastes better than McDonald’s or A&W. I’m not much of a burger eater but I’d definitely go back with the family, sit outside, enjoy the warm sun, eat Jack’s burgers and fries and have ice cream.

Because some good things in life are simple yet awesome.


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